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discount code for dsml

Rules BER Bit/Block Error Rate/Ratio berec Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications berkom Berliner Kommunikationssystem. ARM11) ARM Administrator's Reference Manual ARM Advanced risc Machine ARM Annotated Reference Manual ARM Application Response Measurment ARM Arpanet Reference Model ARM Asynchronous code promo tripsta black friday Response Mode arma Association of Records Managers and Administrators, USA armm Automated Retroactive Minimal Moderation arms Architecture. (Slang) WTP Wireless Termination Point WTP Wireless Transaction Protocol WTS Web/Wireless Tracking System WTS Web Transaction Security/Services WTS Web Transcoding Server WTS WiMAX Test System WTS Windows Terminal Server (Microsoft) WTS Wireless Telephone System WTS World Telecommunication Standardization. V., Bielefeld FOF Factor Out Failure FOG FoG: Forwarding on Gates foia Freedom Of Information Act, USA foip Fax Over Internet Protocol foirl Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link FOL First-Order Logic foldoc Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing foled Flexible Organic. Fifo First In, First Out (Speicher) filo First In, Last Out (Speicher) fims Forms Integration Management Standard fincen Financial Crimes Enforcement Network find Facial Images National Database, UK find Future Internet Design fints Financial Transaction Services FIP File Processor Buffering fipa Finnish. Merzhausen ZV Zahlungsverkehr ZV Zeilenvorschub ZV Zoomed Video (Port) zvdfue ZVE Z?hlervergleichseinrichtung zveh Zentralverband der Deutschen Elektrohandwerke zvei Zentralverband der Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie ZVM z/VM: zSeries Virtual Machine (IBM) ZVM ZEN Vision:M (Player) zvst ZVSt: Zentralvermittlungsstelle ZW Zielwahl ZWR Zwischenraum (space). (Slang) awhfy Are We Having Fun Yet? 7 SSA Screened Subnet Architecture SSA Serial Storage Architecture (IBM) SSA Signal Stability-based Adaptive (routing protocol) SSA Specialized Security Appliances SSA Static Single Assignment SSA Sveriges S?ndareamat?rer ssaa Super-Sampling Anti-Aliasing ssaa System Security Authorization Agreement ssac Security and Stability Advisory Committee. VSI Virtual Socket Interface (Alliance) vsis Video Signal Standard (vesa) VSK Video-Sender-Kennung VSL Vienna Symphonic Library VSL Virtual Socket Library VSM Virtual Shared Memory VSM Virtual Storage Management vsmo Virtual Social Memory Organizer vsmsc Virtual Short Message Center VSN Virtual.

Complete Technical Acronyms, Glossary & Definitions for PC, SAN, NAS, QA, Testing, hdtv, Wireless, Linux, Embedded, Networks, Video, Digital, pharma, Unix, Video.
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discount code for dsml

CTR Common Technical Regulations CTR Computing Tabulating Recording (Corporation) CTR Counter CTR Current Transfer Ratio ctrco Calculating Tabulating Recording Corporation ctrl Control CTS Clear To Send CTS Common Transport Semantics CTS Common Type System CTS Computer Telephony Solution CTS (EC). CIK Crypto-Ignition Key CIL Common Intermediate Language CIL Computer Inoperative Limits CIL Computerintegrierte Logistik CIM Common Information Model CIM CompuServe Information Manager CIM Computer Input Microfilm CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing CIM Custom Install Manager cint Call Interception CIO Central Imagery. Knuth) TAP Telcom Advantage Packaging TAP Telecator Alphanumeric Protocol TAP Terminal Access Point TAP Test Access Port TAP Traditional Approval Process tapi Telephony Application Programming Interface (Intel, Microsoft) tapr Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Group TAR Tape Archive (Format). V., B?blingen BCI Batibus Club International BCI Brain Computer Interface BCI Broadcast Interference bcix B-CIX: Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange bcix British Columbia Internet Exchange BCJ Bachelor of Communication and Journalism BCJ Borland Compiler for Java BCL Base Class Libraries BCL. AIM Advanced Informatics AIM AOL Instant Messenger AIM Automatic Interface Management in Medicine AIM Apple, Intel, Motorola aimb As I Mentioned Before (Slang) aiml Artificial Intelligence Markup Language aimm AGP In-line Memory Module aims Advanced Information Management System aims Apple. Petersburg irac Indpendent Review Advisory Committee iraf Image Reduction and Analysis Facility IRAeally Am Sorry (Slang) iraw Idle Read After Write IRB Instruction Recoder Buffer IRB Instrumentation Request Broker IRC International Record Carrier IRC International Reply Coupon IRC Internet. Abkürzungsliste/Acronyms abklex (html-Format informatik/Computer Science - wulf Alex, Karlsruhe. Of Toronto ATS Administrative Terminal System ATS Advanced Training Solution ATS Apple Terminal Services ATS Author Title Subject ATS Automatic Transfer Switch atsc Advanced Television Systems Committee atst At The Same Time (Slang) ATT American Telephone and Telegraph. (Slang) AZ Automatische Zusammenfassung (Wikipedia) AZ Azimut AZB Anzeige-Befehl AZK Azk: Abzweigkasten asic, Binary, Bit, Block, British, Bus, Business, Byte B Backward B Bandwidth B2B Business To Business B2C Business To Consumer B2E Business To Employee B2P Business. (Slang) iiwm If It Were Me/Mine (Slang) ijcai International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence IJG Independent jpeg Group IJS Inkjet Server (HP) IK Installation/Instrumentation Kit IK Instrument Kernel IK Interchange Key IK Inverse Kinematics ikcape IK-cape: Industriekooperation Computer Aided Process Engineering.

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